20 shots of india. On 35mm.


29 countries ventured. 1000 photos gained. 3 years on, here’s the first 20:

i hope you liked.

28 countries further afield, covered overland from london to india, 2004 - 2006, and back again, (the jouney...not time) to follow. if you didn’t like these pics, never mind - at this rate, it’ll be 3008 before they’re all online...

and, so, here’s india, looking at you kid...

“i spy too”

chooo. chooo. psychedelia. un train, en train de goin’ to goa....

ye olde peculiar pop.

a blue road. now fancy that.

sunset six at six.

it is true. for some, india can drive you round the bend...

back yard bikers, and their view below...

...of gujurati gargoyles.

train window, teatime for treats.

pakistani border pastures

ruby. on rails. original stylee.

delightful diu’s docklands

prayer wheels

prayer heels

prayer hails

prayer meals

dusk is delt...

...dawn melts

and just another day in calcutta. under howrah bridge. go there. please. we are alive.