a land of contrasts (and saturation)

glorious Gandhi’s garden, delhi. his vibrancy lives on.

ganesh’s glare. back again. we salute you, oh jolly hindu god of fun and larks.

men not at work. at work.

men at work.

lady of leisure.

colour at work.

colour really at work.

two taj temple towers, make one, at one.

booowliiiiing! anyone for cricket?

every fine micron of detail in the taj mahal marble is held together with a magical (secret) mix of dahl and maize and sugar and...

symmetry in everything. art decco meets bollywood.

lotus temple, delhi. where all world religions reflect in harmony.

another magic mix. and i don’t mean soccer at dawn. i think it’s enchanting that a handful of lucky people see the taj mahal at an early age. as their back garden.

heart shaped grain - for the love of bartering...

i’d say it’s chai time we had a cuppa.

sun chrunched chili, black pepper, ginger and fenugreek. well, maybe. 101% yum.

goa by night.

goa by day. yay!

sydney harbour, not india, yes. but same same but different, just philharmonic here.

whispering wall. vindaloo ventilation!