Hurricane dean


this beautiful school in jamaica was hit by hurricane dean

what did you learn in school today? “D” is for “Dean”

dean’s damage: a coastal calamity greets us en-route to school

photo-journalist’s journal: “raging hurricane raises roof”

“strive for excellence” the school wall says: “reach for the sky” the wind-wrought corrugated ceiling screams

and so, school must go on...

one wonders how to fix it?                            the wonder of welding!

whistling in the wind, as teacher calls to class...

and so: enlightened students, teacher in floods of sunshine.

stairwell stair smiles & brilliant bannisters pave the way to learning...

are you sitting comfortably?

riders of the storm

who’s finished their homework?

...class is about to start...

...time is out for final preparations...

...prepared pupils’ pupils, queue for pews...

classroom cool: deep in thought

cool classroom: depth of field

ceiling signs

reigning signs

signs of rain