enough shiny steel, no matter how green it may be.  onwards now, & into the blue.

with sea. on the side.

red hot tuna. chilling.

mother nature enjoying a pantone perfect buzz.

pick a prayer box.

a brush with remote civilization. with 300 residents on taketomi jima you only need put a first name on a letter to post it. (alternatively, you can just shout. shhhhh ;-)

you have to be careful where you nose around on the islands...

...gargoyles growl all around...

broken old bells. or dormant ding dongs.

...such as temple-top television. see top right.

...and other oddities rafted rouge rooftops...

elks. doing whatever it is elks do. before you EAT THEM!

where volcanic mounds abound.

model of many monks, okinawa palace.

ebony lacquer shines at temple tea time.