temple time in TOKYO


Hai!! Say your prayers...

it would be thoroughly unfair to compare ganesh’s glare to this samuri. so i won’t.

i think you can see why i shouldn’t!

delightful drums of deity.

bhuddist prayer cards are hand written and tied up to shrines across every city...

...clickety-clack-in’ in-the -wind...

...whilst others are breezily brushing with leaves in wind.

teaching tunnels. turned.

inscriptions abound and capture all corners. alas, i am still lost, without translation.

holy water. heaven sent.

meanwhile, others worship this pictured above and that pictured below.

cityscape photos from tokyo to follow soon....

um, nice petticoat.

sumo stones. often weighing well over a hundred kilos, these are carried into the temple grounds and signed. then vigilantly guarded. so, do not run off with one!

listen with budha. (this statue sits on the back of a huge turtle. pic to follow.)

i couldn’t be sure, but i think the sign by the temple pond said “don’t feed the fish!”

wheel of fortune. inside gateway to temple.

holy man. at place of worship.